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April 3, 2008

Leaving.. on a jet plane

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Going to go off soon==tomorrow.

 Currently preparing everything!! Gosh.

Over this weekend, I am going to move around 3-4cities. I have never felt so… moved in my life!

 Will be back soon.

Meanwhile, here are the picx from daffy’s wedding!



March 26, 2008

My sissy’s sparkling shiny new condo :)

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On some saturday, we’ve decided to check out my sissy’s latest slurge! 😉

Icon by Far east organisation. As its name suggests, Icon is truly breath taking!


Hmm.. I somehow surprised my friend by bringing my mummy along for our dinner non-date date. hahaha….

well, but since we know each other so well! Dearest shifu, I am sure you wouldn’t mind!! 😉 haha.

All in all, it was a nice evening! I must say, my mum surely did enjoy herself. I can’t remember the last time she went out socially, and chatted without an agenda….

I hope that my family drama will end soon… :/

March 24, 2008

我的朋友.. haiz…

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So, I went to Chenwei’s blog to steal. AND also, I really wanted to blog in Chinese, but there is no chinese input in my computer. so I had to copy and paste the wordings one-by-one from lao-chen’s webby. =_=

My world is sooo sad!!

And then. I realised, how nice lao chen is. She actually posted the picture with an unknown lady.

SO! Lemme use my extraordinary PAINT skills (dunno how to use photoshop yet!GRRR) and filter the person-who-i do-not-know-her-name-sorry-daffy-i-m-deleting-your-friend hahah..



oh dear, why am i so fat! and chen is very strategic, right at the back.

Jules!! I am sure you have much better photos than this!!!!

And Daffy, welcome back from your honeymoon 🙂

It was really a good day for us. To be there at your wedding:) To be so involved. As a team. haha!!

I wish you truly, all the happiness in the world!!! 🙂



zuj: wow, you are nice! but surely you feel that this is unfair no? I think women with family commitments need to prioritize things. IF they can’t commit as much as the job requires, DO NOT TAKE UP THE JOB! The same thing goes for men with gf/wife commitments. ha.

March 22, 2008

Our Pride and Joy

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It was just too bad that I did not have Mr Bear’s big SLR camera, so this shot couldn’t turn out as well as I would love it to be.

BUT! I just couldn’t resist a shot of our 2 pride and joys, SIA and Changi Airport, just before jetting off again.. with my trusty country road bag, sponsored by Chenwei dearest! 🙂


February 29, 2008


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Well well…  brief update on my accident. I am fine!

Except for about 10+ bruises on my knees.


I shouldnt scare you with pictures of the hospital in Thailand.. cos I was too shocked to take pictures. And it was really dilapidated.

In France. But I did a recheck up. In the friendliest clinic in the world! 😉

My fav aunt (at this very moment)’s clinic!


With great nurses too!


Who stuffed me with strawberry tarts and cakes 🙂 hohoho!

Also, we got an exclusive tour of the operation rooms of the hospital. ha. quite fun in the end.:)

No worries, I had my head scanned again. No problems. du tout!

Back in Sg, generous daffy treated us to delicious food!



I couldn’t be more excited to be her jie mei! 🙂

Judging from her strong team of experienced organizers, I think her wedding will be a great one!

How is everyone doing?? 😉 



Vera: M ever reachable via email! 😉

zuj: that is so cool!! US. what are u busy with over there?? sure sure, will drop u an sms 😉

sissy: (regarding the person u asked to f off) YEAH! I was thinking too, why e hell is he staying in sg for 12 yrs?!??!?!

n yup! gays are cute!

Vera: My MOD weekend was… very very happening. Challenging. Lotsa aggressive guests. I am happy to be alive! ha. btw, great for ur charity thing u did with ur old school 🙂

Jancy: er.. hhaah… u pinch ur face when u r free???!

Alex: haha.. sissy should have killed me. but…. she loves me too much!! hence, still alove and kicking now! 😛

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