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January 19, 2007

Spongebob.Cereals.Sale.Donuts.Mics stuff!

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Heya all!

This post is going to be really miscellaneous!

Call me easily amused but….

Don’t we all love Patrick? (more than Spongebob?)


No, This is Patrick.


Anw. This morning.

That (^#$&(@$^@ currypuff seller pissed me off yesterday by selling me 3 potato curry puffs, when I told them 3 sardine ones! AND this is NOT the first time!!!! Grrr…

So today I decided to eat my daily cereals again=)
Trying out this new one, cause I finished my own frosties yup..


As you all know, I am moving to my new home soon.

Found some stuff that I might want to sell/give away. Yup=)

Have a look yah!

Starhub topup card
With $18 value.

Muddle-head here bought this card by mistake! grrr.. was supposed to buy the IDD international calling card. So selling this.

Selling price: $8

Empty MD and others..



Not sure if anyone uses these. Except for hardcore music people I guess.
French pocket book: Just enough french

I bought this book before I was posted to Paris. It is from borders, costing $9.95.

This small book is quite incredible, and handy for non-french speakers. Great for those who want to pick up some basic french on their own, or for those who are planning to backup France=)

Apprenez francais tout de suite!=)

Selling at $7.00

I have an incredible amount of nerdy computer engineering books(meaning hardware books like electronics, digital systems, and software books like parallel processing, etc) and other not so hardcore, lower level, mass-market books like…. Visual basic, and some other programming languages books.

Just email me with what you need/want/hope to have, I might be able to give/sell them to at an incredible price too (definitely around $5 for soft covers).

Lovely donuts!

Level 2 Wheelock, toy shop. I went to take pictures for Jinling. yup=)

But they are so cute that I want to post them here! (I think.. Delicia thought they are real donuts…. oopss.=P)




complications regarding penny, PLUS lotsa packing to do this weekend!

Have a good weekend peeps!


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