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January 29, 2008

Protected: Times like this…

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January 2, 2008

Recapping 2007 gone by…

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Remembering the things worth remembering…:)



Sis and I finally convinced parents to move, and after months of searching around…we fell in love…

I FINALLY passed my driving. YAY! It was a very happy moment.

And we fell in love again… This time, with the interior designer that give us this draft!

I was also busily studying for my GMAT!


I received…the most perfect valentines’ present, and the freakiest one. 🙂 And fell in love..

I also spent the valentines’ day hiking the ancient temple ruins in Cambodia. 🙂 🙂

He has a weird idea as to what is romantic.. what to do??? 😛


Got surprise flowers from him! *blush* and fell in love again…


I crashed my almost-new car. Gulps! I am not a good driver and never will be!!!

Did a surprise party for LS dearest!! We love you lots!!! He is the strongest person!

Then the shit started falling… And now I am still struggling really hard to survive.

The shopping spree I never went. ‘Coz the shit is still falling…yes, even now..

Went to Australia with sissy!! It was like a road trip and I am definitely loving it! We made friends with the adorable Wallabies!

Went through the most important job interview of my life! Never had I wanted a job this bad!!

Made a huge investment (after the huge investment in May). which made me broke x 2, and poor x 100000. Side note: I really miss splurging…:(


Got the job! and bidding on a deal for the new company

Went to Bintan with Teetee.

Discovered that I made a very good sniper 😉

And relocated to sunny Thailand, without a proper goodbye to Singapore.


Shifting into my new habitat, my very own house…


SF14 people came and RAWK up my place! 😉 Love them!! the sweetest people ever!!

Made this very wrong decision and bought the old cheap car. which is giving me so much problems!!

Did my first ever budget presentation! and met a lot of wonderful people!

Went home to say my final goodbyes to yeh yeh (my grand dad). I miss him.


The old fart joined facebook!

Came face to face with my arch enemy. ha.

Sissy came to visit!

Getting older.. and older…

Survived my first MOD duty! It was good fun.

Jinling’s wedding!! The most beautiful wedding ever! And goofing around with derek n the others:) cam whoring and all! you wun believe the amount of pictures;)

 Chenwei and yongheng visited.


Shit continued to pour.. I must perserve!!

Went to Europe to hide myself from the world…The trip was the bestest present from dearie dearest! At the end of it, I felt something that I havent feel for a very long time… and felt love yet again…

Er…kissed a girl on the lips for the first time in my very vanilla life. *blush*

First christmas and new years with no Singaporeans around.

So how was your 2007? 😉

Protected: Counting down

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December 28, 2007

Protected: Discovering unhappiness

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December 8, 2007


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 在十一月的巴黎 – 二零零七。











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