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April 21, 2008


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I was complaining to my Tee that we haven’t been communicating much.

Well. *yawn* right? To all of you out there, who think that girls are always whining and demanding attention.

For us, we are doing the LDR thing. Being in different countries and vastly different time zones=> only means that we are not always awake at the same period of times.

So our ‘connection’ is like… 1-2 mins everyday.  Either when I am 1/2 asleep, or when he is 1/2 asleep.

Occasionally, we will speak about 30mins on the phone. That comes once a week or fortnightly.

And random chats on gmail. Which doesnt happen v often either, cos either I am working or he is working. So it is mostly the weekends. And even so, the time differences really made it difficult for us to have any time together.

So, back to my complaint. Which was completely VALID btw, cos we spend less than 1 hour each week communicating.

His reply was: but we are wired right ?

And I just had to smile. 🙂

And I immediately understood.


July 2, 2007

Missing you

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(Things that I want to blog, just came and went, before I could even blog!)

But what I want to say is…

Have faith in me.

Because I am missing you too.

June 13, 2007

Aaron and Angeline=)

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Saturday was a special day. With a nice date too!! 9th of June. 9/6/07.

For those who don’t know. The digit 9 signifies long-lasting in Chinese. So yup, it’s a pretty date!

It was such a sweet occassion and all I could think of is…. Jinling has really found a great husband in Aaron. Am truly very happy for her!!

I particularly liked it, as it is not an occasion crowded with unimportant, insignificant, miscellaneous people. It was a close and cosy event:)

All my gal friends are looking so gorgeous that day!
Aaron & JinLing_Solemnization_9th_June_2007_23

The men are looking smart=)
Aaron & JinLing_Solemnization_9th_June_2007_24

All of us.
Aaron & JinLing_Solemnization_9th_June_2007_13

And finally me=)

(I am having so much fun with adding nonsensical stuff on my pictures yah:P)

May 8, 2007

Reminder to self

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Before the ultimate shopping spree.

I will take my dearest friends out for dinners:

And sissy of course!!

All of you helped me through this time and I am deeply grateful.

esp chenwei, nini, noel and sissy.

Today morning I realised that I got into a pile of shit when the transactions take SUCH A BLOODY LONG TIME TO GET SETTLED. GRRRRR..

Even inter-bank transfers take such a bloody long time??!?!

Even longer are the funds from iFast, Philips etc..

grrrr….. I hate it.

And I am so mightily grateful to Shifu and JJ who helped me almost immediately!

Was so bloody stressed in the morning.=(

Thanks a lot.

I love you all. So bloody much!

(*Cough* I know, I know, I shouldn’t use “bloody” so bloody often. But peeps, I am so bloody stressed!)

*hugs to all* Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

April 10, 2007

Do you think of me? Ni xiang wo ma?

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Hmm.. or should it be: Do you miss me? – In English.

I was reading Sissy’s blog. According to her the choices are:

a) of course, all the time

b) maybe..a bit?

c) erm…actually not really (was too busy watching soccer, doing work, etc)

d) actually don’t have leh. (aka I did not miss you)

Let’s let aside the grammatical atrocity for the moment. And examine the answers.

If you chose a) of course, all the time.

Then you win! 99.99999999% of the gals (AND men) are hoping/praying/begging/yearning/desperatingly-crawling-their-eyeballs-out for this answer! (okok, ignore the desperatingly crawling the eyeballs out part!)

Who will ask this question?? Is it the insecurians (as concluded by sissy)? The whiners? The immaturians? The lovey-doveans? The eat-finish-got-no-big-business-to-do-er?

(ha. getting a kick out of labelling people :P)

But let us really sit down and think for a moment.

How is it even possible to think about someone ALL THE TIME?!?!

At least it is not possible to do so, especially when we are working/studying/going out with friends. Right?

Thinking about that one person is going to be really destructive! Imagine writing the most important piece of document in your career when thinking about your someone, instead of your ideas? Imagine playing bishi-bashi thinking about your loved one?! Oh man, I can’t even imagine!


Surely when you are at the canteen buying lunch, you are thinking of what do you want to eat?!?! Right!

Hmmm.. this made me think of all the *ahem* sweeties that told me that they thought of me all the time!

And I took all the crap in! ha.

Okay, I shall not be a prude to dismiss the sweetness and sincerity that comes with this. So I figured that it actually means: I think of you very often.

Which is already sweet enough.=) *smiles*

AND. There is no real need to go into the other answers, is there?


b) maybe..a bit?
Maybe? WHAT maybe?!? People only want to be nice and ‘tactful’, but adding the word ‘maybe’ in!

What’s more! maybe..a bit?!?!? A BIT! You already used ‘maybe’, and you still used ‘a bit’?!?!

See, maybe is there, as it is just a possibility. Maybe yes, maybe no. So if it is yes, why can’t you just say it out straight?

ah… I know your little secret. It’s a No, and you did not want to hurt your dearest someone, yet you do not wish to lie, right? =)

Really. Just tell the poor soul the truth. Rather than say a lie so unbelieveable that insults his/her intellect! (And I wonder which is more insulting:P)

Oh, you do have a better option! LIE! (No clue as to how to lie? refer to option (a)!)

c) erm…actually not really (was too busy watching soccer, doing work, etc)

What is ‘Not really’?! What do you really want to mean?

The answer is simple. Yes or no!

Q: ‘Do you want a drink?’
Ans: ‘Not really.’

Geez. Just say NO! (YES! with the exclamation mark!)

NO! I do not miss you.

And you will sound less phoney.

If you do not want to upset the other half, LIE!

d) actually don’t have leh. (aka I did not miss you)

the word ‘actually’ is added to cushion the blow. But it is actually not necessary.

So the good ol’ capital NO will do the trick 😉


(Ha. )

So in conclusion.

The moral of the story is:


The author shall not be held responsible for any physical violence that the reader(insert your name) might be subjected to, after following the former’s advice.

Physical violence comprising (but not limited to) of slaps/ear pulling/a knock on the head/durian kneeing.

Disclaimer: I do not mean a single word that I wrote for this blog.


I admit, I do ask that stupid question.


I totally melt that the response (a).=P

yeah yeah. predictable.

So you know, *winks* someone can still continue to say that to me.=)

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