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July 7, 2006

so say we all

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Here’s my national day mime.

so say we all

I grew up in traditionally chinese family, with a traditionally malay home address. I Have a taoist and a buddhist temple, a church, a mosque within 10mins walking distance from home.

I grew up eating 10cents artifically flavoured ice-sticks. And has since progressed to eating 3.60 per scoop ice-creams.

my childhood evolves around five-stones, zero point, country eraser games (which I am rather good at). and my spare time are spent going for enrichment lessons like : ballet, piano, organ, zhongruan, chinese dance, abacus, speech and drama, choir, art and craft, chinese calligraphy or anything that my mum thinks that its for my own good. The rest of the spare time are filled with tuition.

When we still had bus tickets. Me and my friends would fold little hearts out of the bus tickets. Or fold little stars out of straws. Time wasting usually took place in Macdonalds over large cokes and fries.

I never fully knew the meaning of our national song. Neither do I know why the heck were we made to sing that malay song during children’s day. my malay, hokien and teochew are of around the same level. even though I took english n chinese as my first languages. After one year working in Paris, the only language I could speak fluently on the flight back is not english nor chinese. It is Singlish.

I love my country. And although sometimes I might seem indifferent to singaporean news (even during the elections), I always find myself defending singapore fiercely when I am with foreigners.

I wish I am able to vote, but I never had the chance to. and probably will not have a chance to do so in the near future.

I love good food. And I am willing to go out of the way to get good food. Be it from boon lay to geylang for youtiao, mian xian, or from paris to london for authentic laksa.

I am Teo Peihan Janine.
I am a true blue Singaporean.

so say we all. So say we all.


Do your national day mime too!

Happy Birthday Singapore. And I love you.

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