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January 12, 2008

More modelling time!

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It is obvious who is the expert here.

And may I add. It is really tough being a model!

To share  a secret with you all. (sorry to sissy!)

Sissy and I. Tried our hands on modelling some time back.

When we were young and SLIM. ha.

 And turns out.

It was a very very bad idea.

Not only were we the SHORTEST among the models.

We were the FATTEST! Correction. I was the fattest, cos I was wayyyy fatter than sissy. But in my defense, sissy was the shortest. ha. oops. (sorry again sissy!!)

No kidding!

That modelling stint did wonders to our self esteem. => we felt totally ugly and fat after it. I don’t know about how bad sissy felt truly ruly. But I felt that I don’t even deserve to go out in the streets to scare people with my obesity and ugliness.

It didn’t help when our modelling agency asked us to lie about our heights. *faints*

So every time, when I get approached to be models. Which happens a lot at Orchard. Due to the many visually-impaired talent scouts out there.

I think I would prefer to politely refuse.

Cause only god knows.

There is a limit to the humiliation a girl can take in one life time!


January 8, 2008

Me? A model?!?

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Here is my Yoga by the beach picture… if it amuses anyone.


And gawd…

I look so goddamn obese 😦

(oops, pardon my vulgarity! but I am really fat, like…REALLY fat!)

December 15, 2007

The best friend’s wedding :)

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It took such a long time for me to get these pictures up! 🙂

But I did! And really, I had a greeeat time in Singapore, I almost didn’t want to leave!!!! 

Jinling became Mrs Tan. And I couldnt quite believe it yet. It was just like yesterday, we were in our BUM blue skirts, in the lecture theatre, talking about some hairy/smelly guy/girl. *oopps* ha.. 

For me, we are all still children, until we get married and finally “grow up”. So, looking at my friends all grown up. I can’t help but wonder… am I grown-up yet?

 Anyway, it was definitely the best wedding I’ve ever been to. Me like it!! Quite sad that I can’t be more involved in the wedding, as I am no longer working in Singapore. So I did not get to be jie-meis. But well, I was really happy to be there. And really. I appreciate this group of Uni friends, where we are all big-fat-fulltime CAMWHORES!!


Also, we talk about really stupid things when we are together. So I know I will be in for a whole night of laughter with this group:)

Oh, well. Time flies. You know, my dear sf14 people, we know each other for like.. 8 years already?!?!?!

Man…are we getting old or what?!?

Enjoy the pictures!!




I ❤ my grown-up friends! 😉

June 7, 2007

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April 5, 2007

How old are you?

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Yesterday it happened again when this customer asked me, ‘How old are you?’.

Seriously why do people even ask this question?!?!?

I am so NOT going to answer it!

In fact, I haven’t really been answering it after like… 18?

HA. yes dearies. this means I am above 18years old.

When I went out with Jancy and Lancy the other day, the restaurant just assumes that I am a student and asked for my student pass. And this happens quite often.

(the pictures are in a previous post, but I was looking rather unattractive cause I made the mistake of sweeping my short fringe to the side. *eeewww*)

Anyway! This is how I look with my fringe down.

Not 101% bangs though. like my dearest chenwei.



So. how freaking old am I? hmmm.. =P

DONT you ever ask!

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