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January 12, 2008

More modelling time!

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It is obvious who is the expert here.

And may I add. It is really tough being a model!

To share  a secret with you all. (sorry to sissy!)

Sissy and I. Tried our hands on modelling some time back.

When we were young and SLIM. ha.

 And turns out.

It was a very very bad idea.

Not only were we the SHORTEST among the models.

We were the FATTEST! Correction. I was the fattest, cos I was wayyyy fatter than sissy. But in my defense, sissy was the shortest. ha. oops. (sorry again sissy!!)

No kidding!

That modelling stint did wonders to our self esteem. => we felt totally ugly and fat after it. I don’t know about how bad sissy felt truly ruly. But I felt that I don’t even deserve to go out in the streets to scare people with my obesity and ugliness.

It didn’t help when our modelling agency asked us to lie about our heights. *faints*

So every time, when I get approached to be models. Which happens a lot at Orchard. Due to the many visually-impaired talent scouts out there.

I think I would prefer to politely refuse.

Cause only god knows.

There is a limit to the humiliation a girl can take in one life time!


January 8, 2008

Me? A model?!?

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Here is my Yoga by the beach picture… if it amuses anyone.


And gawd…

I look so goddamn obese 😦

(oops, pardon my vulgarity! but I am really fat, like…REALLY fat!)

January 7, 2008

Salvatore Ferragamo

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I thought I’ve lost interest in fashion after shifting to this kampong. 🙂

But I couldn’t help but respect this genius’ works.

Random fact: Ferragamo patented my fav wedged heels!! 🙂 Who don’t love wedged heels??

To think that I almost wanted to give this a miss! Thanks to someone, we went ahead in to the world of Ferragamo. (AND the someone fell asleep while watching the introductory documentary).

July 17, 2007

Patch work bags!

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Are my new loves!!=)

Just found out, yet another friend of mine is in the running for the SOE award. And she is non other than Enqi.

When I saw her bags, I was in love!

This one is named three little bears!=) LOVELy!

I so want to get one soon!

Or. Make my own! ha=P

May 6, 2007

Some motivation please!

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The work is so overwhelming. SO SO SO SOOOO many things to do. To think. Issues to address. Hundles to clear.

Sitting in front of the laptop for some time now. I just do not know where to start and again. I need to chill. And stressed. and suddenly just felt like not doing anything.

Which is not good.

So I figured out.

What I need now is just some motivation! At the end of this freaking tough journey, I will reward myself handsomely! To heck with investing and managing my finances for ONE month=) I will just spend to my heart’s content then start again from scratch the next month.

I do not want to torture myself and restrict myself that much. Since I am really working freaking hard.

Ha. I know, sometimes I look like I spend waaayyyy too much. But that is because I work hard and smart for every expenditure I make!! Rewarding myself is a NECESSITY. Isn’t it, folks? =P

I also realised that I love myself. Ha. I hope it doesn’t sound very wrong. But I truly want to give myself a pat on the back for coming so far.

ANYWAY!! enough of the mushiness to myself. ha.

To my shopping spree! (hopefully July!!!) Ha. very far ahead, I know. Cos this journey will not be an easy one!

A kickass mp3, video and photo viewer!!
Either a gorgeous zen (am thinking if I should get it in pink?? haha.)

or… a gorgeous Ipod

or even a Zune. Hmm… I think I will most probably get a white one, then embellish it with lotsa BING BING!!=) white and pink crystals!=) gorg totally!

Next, the bronze version of this bag=)

This dress in charcoal.

This in grey or charcoal.

This cutsy giraffe tshirt in black!

This YSL tee in orange!

This lovely jacket!!! Did I tell u all that I love stars?!?!??! Oh well, I do!!!

And… ha.. this lovely DIOR watch.

And.. and… finally this Musette Salsa which I’ve always found it to be essential.

A Dior baby charm bracelet in pink!

And and.. this cartier screwmark bangle. Total loveliness!

And a bunch of sesame street tees!!

Phew. Is this all??? ha. Perhaps some wild shopping at Mango and Topshop too! Hmm going to cost me a bomb. But…*flips hair* I am worth it!



Back to working hard for my future!!!!=)

Hugs and kisses to myself and all=)
(dun really want to bored you peeps with the details of what I am going through now though!)=)

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