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April 16, 2008

Only you~~~

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Yozzy peeps!

I hope all my readers are having the same level of corniness~ 😉


Which is kinda tough. cos I am very very corny.

SO, anw!

This is an ultra funny job recruitment advert that I saw in Shanghai!

If anyone of you were fans of Stephen Chow/ are still fans of Stephen Chow but wil not admit it blatantly… you will LOVE this ad!

Laugh first and thank me later 😉



June 1, 2007

Something amusing from philipines…

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Both groups are on the US government’s list of foreign terrorist organisations and are blamed for some of Southeast Asia’s worst bombing attacks in recent years.

The 12,000-strong separatist group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which is negotiating a peace deal with Manila, also has scattered forces around the area.

But MILF spokesman Eid Kabalu said rebel forces had nothing to do with the abduction and told AFP that they were coordinating with the army to help in the search.

“We have heard of the abduction and we are prepared to help,” Kabalu said.


Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).


How original.

I wonder if they are just kidding:P



U know working among men..does no good for the brains:P


April 18, 2007

And I am entertained!

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There’s apparently nothing as amusing as Jevon’s blog. Ha.

(ok, it’s only true for this moment)

Anyway, he posted this video on his blog.

With the proof that, of course, Americans are not stupid.

Americans are NOT stupid – WITH SUBTITLE
Uploaded by antoinetheone

Strangely, a lot of people want to attack this island that looks like Australia.

Also. A lot of french did comment on this video, slamming the Americans for being stupid.

But really. Here’s a conversation that actually happened:

French guy: ‘Where are you from?’
Me: ‘Singapore’
French guy: ‘That’s in Japan?’
Me: ‘No’
FG:’In China’
Me: No
Me: No
FG: Is it Hong kong?

I didn’t bother anymore.

Ignorant people are all around.

But the amusing thing is that these people do not know about the things that affect their very own nation.

Apparently, USA is the centre of the world.=P

Roast duck

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From Dian xiao er.



I had no idea why we were so amused with this.

ha. but it works well! the duck is always delicious=)

Are you hungry yet?=P

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