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April 26, 2008

The rest of Shanghai

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Tired to blog, so will let pictures do the talking 😉sh

PS: No, we did not eat at MBK!  haha..





Went to pay respects to the Jade

The BEST beijing roast duck … That we never had.. 😥 


Cos they need like 1hour to prepare the duck! But it was a great meal still!


With Daddy dearest 😉


Who very very patiently took care of me, cos I was really vv sick. Very very happy to meet dad!! sh

Haven’t seen him since my grandpa’s wake last Oct…



Fifi: Heya!! Thanks and you take care too!! I still can’t find my lost things.. T_T ..Love ya!!

Lawrence: Ha.. Thing flies.. especially when u are getting old! 😉 I wun say my hair is long now. It is slightly over shoulder length bah. I wish it could grow long fast!!! I miss my long hair!! 🙂

Sissy: Yours and dad’s tshirt is in red. Mum and mine is in white, cos we are fire people remember? we can’t take red. 😉 fengshui..



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  1. hehh, but still… ((: pretty!

    you’re much tanner now? (is there such a word?)

    Comment by lawlipop — April 26, 2008 @ 1:38 pm

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