The girl who laughed too much, too loud

April 21, 2008


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I was complaining to my Tee that we haven’t been communicating much.

Well. *yawn* right? To all of you out there, who think that girls are always whining and demanding attention.

For us, we are doing the LDR thing. Being in different countries and vastly different time zones=> only means that we are not always awake at the same period of times.

So our ‘connection’ is like… 1-2 mins everyday.  Either when I am 1/2 asleep, or when he is 1/2 asleep.

Occasionally, we will speak about 30mins on the phone. That comes once a week or fortnightly.

And random chats on gmail. Which doesnt happen v often either, cos either I am working or he is working. So it is mostly the weekends. And even so, the time differences really made it difficult for us to have any time together.

So, back to my complaint. Which was completely VALID btw, cos we spend less than 1 hour each week communicating.

His reply was: but we are wired right ?

And I just had to smile. 🙂

And I immediately understood.


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