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April 1, 2008

Sha la la~~

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Hmm.. c’est fait longtemps que je n’ai pas blog a propos des sunshine, les arc en ciels et tous des choses jolies!

Parfois, a cause des problemes dans la vie, j’ai oublie que…

en fait, ma vie etait belle. Elle est toujours belle.

My very short 1 late night and 1 day’s stay in Bangkok is planned to the brim!! 🙂 By my dearest friends.

Really. How can I forget. There are still so many nice people. Even though there are some not-so-nice people around trying to get me down. Or some events/situations getting me down.

I have this packet of blessings that I carry around. I guess it is time to buy a proper nice packaging for it! I’ll be shopping around.

I was reading my recent posts, even since the great depression happened… at least for me. Last May 2007.

My posts has been full of pain and other unhappy things.

My life is no longer as frivilous as before.

I enjoyed my frivilous blog posts more!!

well. I think. I might want to shift back to blogger again.

or get my own domain. cause I really really miss my big eating around the globe pictures as my blog header! Hey, I love food and I ain’t afraid to show it!! 😛

Some of the great things in my life that I am grateful for in Thailand

– DD and VW, these 2 darling old men who cared for me like their daughters. or they rather, like their lil sister. I am really touched by their kind gesture to try to solve my car problem for me!

– my team. Yes, they make mistakes. But they are the sweetest girls you can ever find! with great attitudes too!

-My regional boss. He has been very supportive. Very helpful. Very informative. Very very.

-WW. She supports me in terms of pushing things through and teaches me things about life. In a way, she is an inspiration to me: in terms of no being a push over. She is someone who will NEVER allow anyone to walk all over her.

-Ladee, who is ever so kind to me. Til this day, I wonder why…

-P’Aoy, who is very helpful to me.

-VW (again!) and P’Thanin and P’Wat. The kindest engineers in the world. who helped me with almost all the things I need, in my house and my car. 🙂

– P’Wat+Gate+Axe+some other people who often ferry me back to my house, or to the hotel, because I no longer have my car.

-P’Rung. Although we are no longer as close. She is the one who saved me from having to spend the night at the airport. She came straight away, upon me calling for help.

-Other people who accompanied me to the garage like Dew, Kob, Rung, DD, Ladee.

-Oh, and how can I forget TS. He is one of the greatest FC that I’ve worked with. He is extremely supportive and helpful! work would never be smoother 🙂

-My very nice regional MD

-other really helpful RMs who are extremely helpful to this newbie here.

-some of the lovely business partners like: ST and JTB-san. ST, who brings me to eat delicious seafood all the time! and we will eat ourselves silly.

heh… at this point of time.

I really feel like crying.

I do not think I am worthy of such kindness…

I really think I need to be a better person to them.

Ok! Back to work.

I think I will finish work at 8-9pm today.


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