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March 30, 2008

Ruan Mai

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The stressful EC meeting came to an end yesterday.

The whole hotel was practically running around, making sure that everything is perfect.

I have been working hard on the presentation.

The whole management team of XXX (one of the biggest companies in Thailand) is down here. It was an eye-opener for me. So nervous about the questions that they might ask.

In the end, everything went well. Ha. Possibly because we did well for Q1. 🙂

Q2 will be another biigggg question.

I surprised myself.. I actually talked out straight towards the Number one person from XXX in the meeting. Well, I think we do have our strategy in place, and I felt quite strongly about it.

The night before, I went to Ruan Mai (a place where we bring our groups to have meals) in town with WW and Aoy.


As above is the gutsy WW. I wish I can be any gutsy as her!

So far… things have been happening so fast that I can barely blink an eye.

No time even to be excited about going to Phuket for this famous training session.

No time to plan for my China trip!

&my Bangkok trip…..

No time to finish blogging about my Paris/Florence/Singapore trip.

No time to finish posting the pictures of my Singapore/Paris/Bordeaux/Arcachon/Singapore trip.

No wonder the monk at the temple said that I am someone who can’t sit still!

I am really quite nervous about my Shanghai trip, because I will not be going with someone I am very familiar and can depend on.

Usually for my trips, I just pack roughly and borrow whatever I forgot from my bf or my sissy or chenwei and my friends. HEH. buay paiseh right?? :/

Also usually, it is just visiting my other homes (now that I have 3 homes 😉 France, Singapore, Thailand) in the world, where I already have clothes, skincare and other stuff hanging around. so I do not need to worry that much.

So going on a business trip is really quite stressful! I think I will forget something like my contact lens solution or something.. argh. how can I be less muddleheaded?!?! Any advice anyone?

Meanwhile, I am really really worried and stressed about VM. If customer A doesn’t give in, I will end up screwing up REALLY badly for customer B. Please please pray for me that I can get the approval from the notoriously hard-to-deal-with-customer A. Tomorrow is the deadline…

The stress level is so so high that I have been suffering from hives almost everyday.. 😦 I shall not scare you all with pictures of this horrible rash that breaks out every night.

Instead, I will fight on! I am doing alot of self discovery recently. blog more next time! 🙂

Take care everyone! 🙂


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