The girl who laughed too much, too loud

March 25, 2008


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BUT still looking forward to…

Shanghai! soon!

Quite stressed about it, cos I really want to perform well on this. I really do not care what does the shithead think. HUMPF.

I never felt that shanghai was beautiful, until… I watched Cycle 9 of ANTM, they went to China for filming 😉

Oh, btw, I absolutely loveeeee ANTM. because:

– I love gawking at pretty ladies.

-I love the artistic drama mama makeup + hair (I am growing bored of the normal makeup already, again unless it is for pretty ladies..hehehe.. i sound so lecherous!! oops. )

being bored is the main reason why I did not agree to the $400/hour makeup lecture deal. I was so bored of normal makeup that $400/hour did not tempt me at all, cos I am little miss big shot. *flips hair*

heheh.. anw, I was lying. the main reason was because I am NOT IN SINGAPORE!! GRRR…. I must say, the max I have earned in that amount in 2 hours, for doing makeup that is. So that will be my new pricing 😉

-I love the clothes

-and i feel that it is a show where you can discover yourself..

I feel that I connect with Jenah, in some ways.

I do not feel that I can trust anyone here. I do not feel safe to trust anyone.

this is not a good feeling. 😦

all the people I trust are far far away.

oh anyway! The girls stayed in Le Royal Meridien.

Of course! where else! luxurious luxurious luxury!! 😉 haha, see, I am not showing it out, just because it is my sister property. Supermodels stay there too! 😉

I think I will be staying there too!


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