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March 22, 2008

A bad day

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I had a bad day yesterday.

I got very upset. At first, I thought I was upset with my colleague. But in the end, after a night of reflections+sleep, I guess it is mostly with myself.

Disappointment with myself overweighs the disappointments that I might have on others I guess. I was shocked by myself, how disappointed I get, from disappointing myself.

I felt that I was a pushover. In tee’s terms: I was too “Asiatique”.

Asians are known to be accomodating, reserved, and not really able to voice out their opinions especially when they disagree.

As evolved as I would imagine myself to be. I realised, yesterday, faced with a situation like that. I literally ALLOWED myself to be a pushover. Just because this colleague was going to be really angry with me.

I did not hold my stand. AND I know, if the same thing were to happen to her, she would be able to hold her stand well, as she is no push over.

In this sense, I kind-of admire her. I feel that I am really inadequate.

And my punishment was that I had to stay back and work reallllll late. EVEN THOUGH it wasn’t even part of my job! It was her job.

Anyway. I need to observe and learn more from these experts.

I know. I am not “grown up” enough, in these many senses, to handle work politics situations.

Yesterday, I was doubting, if I am ever built for the harsh corporate world out there?

Then this morning, I got to thinking, since I am so much younger than all the high levelled people here. I shall treat these experiences as school fees.

You’ve got to pay, to learn these precious life skills. And also, I have to work harder, cos I am younger and in no time, I will catch with them, in terms of experience! 🙂



Would still like to continue to complain!!!

I absolutely HATE WOMEN WITH CHILDREN!! At work.

1. If they cannot work long hours, WHY GO FOR A JOB THAT DEMANDS long hours? And afterwhich, push your work to someone else?

2. Just because you have children, doesnt mean that you deserve to have a life more than the other people who do not have children! Just because you have children, doesnt mean that you have the right to go home early all the time! Single people need time for themselves too! Single people need a life too, you know! JUST BECAUSE I do not have plans to go out or whatever, doesn’t mean that I should stay to do your job! Hmm.. maybe I would, if you would share a part of your salary with me 😉

I have my ants and lizards to go home too, you know. They are all waiting for me in my house.


I think I need a pseudo child, so that I can say : “Sorry, I would really love to stay and help out, but my baby is waiting for me, and I really can’t stay”.


I hate kids.


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  1. hmm…this sounds so familiar but maybe, for guys…we kinda of accepted this “fact” (married women need to go home early to look after their kids) long ago.

    Comment by zuj — March 23, 2008 @ 9:07 am

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