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March 19, 2008

My Eating Habits

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Lao Niang eat too much?!?!

 Are you sure?!?!!!


Recently, I’ve got quite a number of feedbacks, saying that I eat too much!!

WtF, really??

Firstly, Mr Bear’s aunt commented to him that I can really eat a lot. Cos I finished a generous slice of the yummy Strawberry tart at the hospital (while doing my xray), and also a slice of the delicious almond cake. After which, we went to Bear’s aunt’s place for dinner. We had salad for starters, pork steak for main, and cheese then yoghurt for dessert.

Hmm… that sounds a lot.

 And just 2 days back, I was having a finner (fake-dinner aka entertainment with clients’ dinner) with our Japanese clients. AGAIN! The Mr big shot of that company commented that I eat a lot. And he added: Singaporean women eat more than Japanese men!

WHAT? I do not think it can be true!!

*side note* so sorry, my fellow Singaporean women! I am pulling all of you down the well with me. *oops*

And my Thai colleague happily agreed with him! =_=

Not to mention my other colleagues who think that I eat a lot.



Oh, did I forget to mention? I stuffed myself silly on Sunday night, having hot pot with Aoy, Axe and Gate.


Hmm… I really have to watch what I eat huh?



Jancy: YES!! It is very very scary!! 😦 and irritating too! cos they bite!!)


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