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March 30, 2008

Ruan Mai

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The stressful EC meeting came to an end yesterday.

The whole hotel was practically running around, making sure that everything is perfect.

I have been working hard on the presentation.

The whole management team of XXX (one of the biggest companies in Thailand) is down here. It was an eye-opener for me. So nervous about the questions that they might ask.

In the end, everything went well. Ha. Possibly because we did well for Q1. 🙂

Q2 will be another biigggg question.

I surprised myself.. I actually talked out straight towards the Number one person from XXX in the meeting. Well, I think we do have our strategy in place, and I felt quite strongly about it.

The night before, I went to Ruan Mai (a place where we bring our groups to have meals) in town with WW and Aoy.


As above is the gutsy WW. I wish I can be any gutsy as her!

So far… things have been happening so fast that I can barely blink an eye.

No time even to be excited about going to Phuket for this famous training session.

No time to plan for my China trip!

&my Bangkok trip…..

No time to finish blogging about my Paris/Florence/Singapore trip.

No time to finish posting the pictures of my Singapore/Paris/Bordeaux/Arcachon/Singapore trip.

No wonder the monk at the temple said that I am someone who can’t sit still!

I am really quite nervous about my Shanghai trip, because I will not be going with someone I am very familiar and can depend on.

Usually for my trips, I just pack roughly and borrow whatever I forgot from my bf or my sissy or chenwei and my friends. HEH. buay paiseh right?? :/

Also usually, it is just visiting my other homes (now that I have 3 homes 😉 France, Singapore, Thailand) in the world, where I already have clothes, skincare and other stuff hanging around. so I do not need to worry that much.

So going on a business trip is really quite stressful! I think I will forget something like my contact lens solution or something.. argh. how can I be less muddleheaded?!?! Any advice anyone?

Meanwhile, I am really really worried and stressed about VM. If customer A doesn’t give in, I will end up screwing up REALLY badly for customer B. Please please pray for me that I can get the approval from the notoriously hard-to-deal-with-customer A. Tomorrow is the deadline…

The stress level is so so high that I have been suffering from hives almost everyday.. 😦 I shall not scare you all with pictures of this horrible rash that breaks out every night.

Instead, I will fight on! I am doing alot of self discovery recently. blog more next time! 🙂

Take care everyone! 🙂


March 26, 2008

My sissy’s sparkling shiny new condo :)

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On some saturday, we’ve decided to check out my sissy’s latest slurge! 😉

Icon by Far east organisation. As its name suggests, Icon is truly breath taking!


Hmm.. I somehow surprised my friend by bringing my mummy along for our dinner non-date date. hahaha….

well, but since we know each other so well! Dearest shifu, I am sure you wouldn’t mind!! 😉 haha.

All in all, it was a nice evening! I must say, my mum surely did enjoy herself. I can’t remember the last time she went out socially, and chatted without an agenda….

I hope that my family drama will end soon… :/

March 25, 2008


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BUT still looking forward to…

Shanghai! soon!

Quite stressed about it, cos I really want to perform well on this. I really do not care what does the shithead think. HUMPF.

I never felt that shanghai was beautiful, until… I watched Cycle 9 of ANTM, they went to China for filming 😉

Oh, btw, I absolutely loveeeee ANTM. because:

– I love gawking at pretty ladies.

-I love the artistic drama mama makeup + hair (I am growing bored of the normal makeup already, again unless it is for pretty ladies..hehehe.. i sound so lecherous!! oops. )

being bored is the main reason why I did not agree to the $400/hour makeup lecture deal. I was so bored of normal makeup that $400/hour did not tempt me at all, cos I am little miss big shot. *flips hair*

heheh.. anw, I was lying. the main reason was because I am NOT IN SINGAPORE!! GRRR…. I must say, the max I have earned in that amount in 2 hours, for doing makeup that is. So that will be my new pricing 😉

-I love the clothes

-and i feel that it is a show where you can discover yourself..

I feel that I connect with Jenah, in some ways.

I do not feel that I can trust anyone here. I do not feel safe to trust anyone.

this is not a good feeling. 😦

all the people I trust are far far away.

oh anyway! The girls stayed in Le Royal Meridien.

Of course! where else! luxurious luxurious luxury!! 😉 haha, see, I am not showing it out, just because it is my sister property. Supermodels stay there too! 😉

I think I will be staying there too!

March 24, 2008

我的朋友.. haiz…

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So, I went to Chenwei’s blog to steal. AND also, I really wanted to blog in Chinese, but there is no chinese input in my computer. so I had to copy and paste the wordings one-by-one from lao-chen’s webby. =_=

My world is sooo sad!!

And then. I realised, how nice lao chen is. She actually posted the picture with an unknown lady.

SO! Lemme use my extraordinary PAINT skills (dunno how to use photoshop yet!GRRR) and filter the person-who-i do-not-know-her-name-sorry-daffy-i-m-deleting-your-friend hahah..



oh dear, why am i so fat! and chen is very strategic, right at the back.

Jules!! I am sure you have much better photos than this!!!!

And Daffy, welcome back from your honeymoon 🙂

It was really a good day for us. To be there at your wedding:) To be so involved. As a team. haha!!

I wish you truly, all the happiness in the world!!! 🙂



zuj: wow, you are nice! but surely you feel that this is unfair no? I think women with family commitments need to prioritize things. IF they can’t commit as much as the job requires, DO NOT TAKE UP THE JOB! The same thing goes for men with gf/wife commitments. ha.

March 22, 2008

Our Pride and Joy

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It was just too bad that I did not have Mr Bear’s big SLR camera, so this shot couldn’t turn out as well as I would love it to be.

BUT! I just couldn’t resist a shot of our 2 pride and joys, SIA and Changi Airport, just before jetting off again.. with my trusty country road bag, sponsored by Chenwei dearest! 🙂


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