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February 29, 2008


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Well well…  brief update on my accident. I am fine!

Except for about 10+ bruises on my knees.


I shouldnt scare you with pictures of the hospital in Thailand.. cos I was too shocked to take pictures. And it was really dilapidated.

In France. But I did a recheck up. In the friendliest clinic in the world! 😉

My fav aunt (at this very moment)’s clinic!


With great nurses too!


Who stuffed me with strawberry tarts and cakes 🙂 hohoho!

Also, we got an exclusive tour of the operation rooms of the hospital. ha. quite fun in the end.:)

No worries, I had my head scanned again. No problems. du tout!

Back in Sg, generous daffy treated us to delicious food!



I couldn’t be more excited to be her jie mei! 🙂

Judging from her strong team of experienced organizers, I think her wedding will be a great one!

How is everyone doing?? 😉 



Vera: M ever reachable via email! 😉

zuj: that is so cool!! US. what are u busy with over there?? sure sure, will drop u an sms 😉

sissy: (regarding the person u asked to f off) YEAH! I was thinking too, why e hell is he staying in sg for 12 yrs?!??!?!

n yup! gays are cute!

Vera: My MOD weekend was… very very happening. Challenging. Lotsa aggressive guests. I am happy to be alive! ha. btw, great for ur charity thing u did with ur old school 🙂

Jancy: er.. hhaah… u pinch ur face when u r free???!

Alex: haha.. sissy should have killed me. but…. she loves me too much!! hence, still alove and kicking now! 😛


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  1. hey hey !
    what happened to u ?
    Bad accident ah ?
    *take lots n lots of care !*

    Comment by zuj — March 2, 2008 @ 11:29 am

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