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February 15, 2008

How was your V-Day?

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Mine wasn’t too exciting.

 Except well.. that I received the biggest bouquet among all the girls at work.

*super mega blush*

My roses were like.. 2-3 time bigger than the roses the other girls received.

And I wonder why he invested so much in the bouquet for me….


Firstly, it was totally unexpected.

I did not know him well at all! The last time we met/spoken to each other has to be November or October.

And I respect this guy loads. He is soooo talented. But I can hardly understand him at all! He barely speak english, I barely speak thai.

I am like… super mega BLUSH.

Okok. He is the famous artist I spoke about. He had his exhibition at the Czech republic’s embassy not long ago. It was really successful.

I am planning to take painting lessons from him too!

All in all, a pleasant surprise 😉

Lastly, I want to thank you men. All the men in the universe. For ensuring I get flowers every year, for 10 years running… and more to come right 😉


I really appreciate men who part with their hard earned money to romance the ladies on this highly commericalised day, knowing that the flowers are much more expensive than other normal days.


Aren’t men just adorable? (well, of course not all! haha)

I am in an appreciating-men mood today.

PS: it is weird that for the past 2 v-days, the flowers that I received aren’t from my bf?

I like the bold colour combination for the bouquet!


I ❤ lilies too! The lilies were perfect. So much such that it outshined the perfect roses.



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  1. oh oh..poor thingy..not being back for CNY…
    But it looks like u’re having lots of fun (and admirers) in Thailand !! (hahaha, whatz new, rite ? *wink*)
    My US trip was GREAT ! met tons of new people from all over the world n learnt lots of stuff…fun packed n happy (with lots of food) hahaha…aNd most prob me gg again in end March !
    Drop me a sms if u come back to town, k

    Comment by zuj — February 23, 2008 @ 1:23 pm

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