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February 8, 2008

Who can be blurrer????!?

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Who can be blurrer that yours truly?!?!?!


I thought that yesterday was Chu xi and today was Chu yi.

AND IN THE END, I got it all wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!

And my poor friend was waiting for my call during Chuxi. 😦

So anyway I finally met up with him (on the night of Chu yi), and another friend who came all the way from Hat yai. And we had a feast!


I waited for him at the pier. Also where the night market is!



The restaurant that he introduced me to was BEAUTIFUL!! I am very grateful to have known Ricky!




I liked his company. Although his background is TOTALLY opposite of mine! He is a street smart ah beng! He had his own tattoo parlour! And now he is concentrating on his 4 very lucrative businesses. 😉 Very very interesting indeed!

And we ate and ate and ate!!


The food was so so sooooooo delicious can?!??!?!

And when Rakning came. She saw the food and commented: Where are the 2 other people?

Cos she thought that the food damage was done by 4 people! OOPS!

And then the bill came at almost THB1,000. (SGD50 or so).

But we got charged at THB100 only! 😉

So happy.

Cos! Ricky knows the owner. AND he was also one of the owners too!

And after which, P’Koy (the owner) went with us to have a drink in his new club kind of place.

It was basically a chillout place, outdoor, beautiful and breezy!

With a live band!

And a BEAUTIFUL view.

It was basically the place I drooled at, each time I drove past!

So happily, P’Koy gave me his card, and wrote and signed ‘VIP’ behind it! And VOILA! I have an instant VIP card!! Jealous??? 😛


I got home safe and sound. AND P’Koy called to check if I was home safe.

That was sweet of him!

Initially I was pretty depressed that I FORGOT about chuxi. And *cough* uncontrollably cried in the privacy of my office.

But the year is loooking up already!

I have so much to plan!

I wish I can relax one more day….

Oh well, maybe I will just relax today.

oh wait. it is already almost 9 and I am still in the office. woot.

By relax, I mean… not do work when I reach home.


Okkok. I know I am tough on myself.

But if I won’t. who will??


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