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January 28, 2008

Blessed Thailand

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Yesterday was one of my rare day offs.

 And I drove to this city area beside the beautiful beach.

Along the roads, I saw so many breath-taking sceneries. That I was so tempted to stop my car to take a picture. But well, I didn’t. ha. cause I was already labelled as a dangerous driver! 😛

If driving in Thailand has taught me anything, it would be…. bad lane discipline, ignoring speed limit signs, etc… haha.

But on the way back, I can’t resist but stop to take this. My poor camera is not as good as I hoped it to be. 😦 I liked how the reds from the shedding trees contrasted with the greens of the trees on the beautiful limestone hill. 🙂


The busy busy shopping area with the beautiful limestone as a backdrop.


 Seriously these pictures do not do justice to the beautiful nature here.

I couldn’t help but think that Thailand is truly blessed with natural beauty!

 And I felt blessed to be living in the company of this breath-taking nature. 🙂 now.


Oh! and I ❤ my mildy dysfunctional olddddd car 😉


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