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January 19, 2008

The 3 things

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….that are preventing me from sleeping yesterday night!

I am soooooo tired today. Yesterday was a busy busy day. Gave a presentation in the morning. I was quite nervous about it at first, mainly because:

 -I really want to be the best speaker among the rest. Yeah yeah I know. Some of you think that I am super competitive. Although I do not agree. But at times, I admit that I really really want to be the best. In other times, like playing laser quest or monopoly, I am fine to lose (badly) 😉

Tee tee was commenting on how competitive I am. well..blame my testosterone!

-I felt the need to be memorable. Apparently there is this prereq to be ‘visible’ before you are make a name for yourself. I read it somewhere, and I feel that I agree totally! so with this, I am giving myself, yet more pressure to perform extraordinarily.

(Now, I felt silly to give myself so much pressure. This is something I am very good at! ->giving myself pressure. So much so that I have to keep a book to write down what is bothering me, so that I do not keep on focussing and thinking about things. gosh, sometimes I hate how my brain works!!!grr…)

So anyway, with the help of some dear people. With the old presentation of a fellow RM, I started to script my own presentation.

To cut the long story short, it went well! At first, I was a little nervous about the jokes that I planned. But after striking a quick rapport with the people, I got more and more comfortable and everything was delivered smoothly. 🙂 

My DHR congratulated me for the good presentation!

Things that I have learnt :

-Preparation is so essential!

-Do your homework: Know your audience well, know who is sitting where in a general sense works too!

-Rapport building is the key to a 100% fully attentive audience, who responds well to your jokes 😉

Anyway, so I am totally enjoying every presentation now (for an audience of less than 25 people, haven’t got much chances to address a much bigger crowd. except for one time, addressing 1000++ people, and sissy said that I was sickening I should really look at improving my weekly presentations 🙂 I totally understand why people are addicted to toastmasters! I have many friends who are really excellent speakers, and now I can understand where they get their ‘high’s from presentations. 🙂

SO! Back to yesterday night.

After an entertainment dinner with this group of important business partners.

My fav wholesaler told me: you wouldn’t want to hear what happened to me yesterday.

Out of curiosity, I asked: what?

He said: I met our ‘hao peng you’ yesterday while driving back.

I was like… stoned. And this was just 2 secs before I had to start my presentation of the hotel to this group of business partners! Nevermind that, but I was with him the night before, which means that I was with him when he saw our “hao peng you”?!?!??!

(for those who don’t know, “hao peng you” is.. simplisitically speaking: ghosts)

So at night, I got back at 11:30pm.

I washed up and got to bed.

Suddenly I felt the need to pee, but I did not dare to go to the toilet.

I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t.

I was too pre-occupied by:

1. The possible ghost. (believe me, my imagination was running wild)

2. Events of that evening. Haiz, was quite disappointed with someone. Also, I wonder why when an Angmoh and an Asian stand side by side, people will automatically assume that the Angmoh is the boss?!?!??! wth! *cough* I think I wanna grow a beard like my boss! ha. ok, that is out of point.

Someone commented that I am 22yrs old. WTH!?!?! I am so sick and tired of looking young ALL THE TIME!!!!! WHY OH WHY.

Although I hope I am 22yrs old at in my position now, and I would feel that I have overachieved. But no, sadly that is not the truth.

I want to look 35yrs old!!!! help me!! I want to look 35 yrs old all my life! I think it is the best age to be!

3. Teetee’s birthday party! I want it to be the best party EVER! By ever, I meant “ever attended by his friends”. In fact I was trying to focus on the food list of the party, to distract myself from the possible existence of the ghost in my vicinty (blame my imagination!).

I finally got to sleep at god-knows-what time.

I am so tired. I can’t wait to get home to sleep!

Wouldn’t be working late today! 🙂



oneditorial : Thanks for dropping by. It is hard to be away from home sometimes, I fully understand! Saw your blog too.

Ladyboys is something people are always curious about. Hmmm, let me try to find out the answers 😛


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  1. You want to look like 35?? You must have been watching too much SATC =p

    Comment by JJ — January 20, 2008 @ 2:24 am

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