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January 12, 2008

More modelling time!

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It is obvious who is the expert here.

And may I add. It is really tough being a model!

To share  a secret with you all. (sorry to sissy!)

Sissy and I. Tried our hands on modelling some time back.

When we were young and SLIM. ha.

 And turns out.

It was a very very bad idea.

Not only were we the SHORTEST among the models.

We were the FATTEST! Correction. I was the fattest, cos I was wayyyy fatter than sissy. But in my defense, sissy was the shortest. ha. oops. (sorry again sissy!!)

No kidding!

That modelling stint did wonders to our self esteem. => we felt totally ugly and fat after it. I don’t know about how bad sissy felt truly ruly. But I felt that I don’t even deserve to go out in the streets to scare people with my obesity and ugliness.

It didn’t help when our modelling agency asked us to lie about our heights. *faints*

So every time, when I get approached to be models. Which happens a lot at Orchard. Due to the many visually-impaired talent scouts out there.

I think I would prefer to politely refuse.

Cause only god knows.

There is a limit to the humiliation a girl can take in one life time!


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  1. wah…..thanks leh….

    erm… i was once a takent scout, basically we just go for any girl who doesnt look repulsive, cos thats how the commission goes…haha

    Comment by sissy — January 19, 2008 @ 4:30 pm

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