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December 23, 2007

Living life with incentives?

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This is the one thing that has been on-and-off my mind for these couple of days…

Buddhists believe in retribution and reincarnation. 

Christians believe in Heaven and Hell.

and so on…

It seems that religions are using some sort of a carrot to lure/cheat/scare/force people into doing good deeds.

What if these carrots do not exist?

What if there is no Heaven or Hell? Will you Christians continue to be the good Christians that you are? Knowing that there will be no punishment nor reward?

What if there is no reincarnation? What if the evidences of retribution that we claim, are nothing more than mere coincidences? Well, I am pretty sure that there is a fair share of bad people who are living a good and  comfy life.

So, what if there are no incentives in life. Will people still be good people?

To you all religious people out there, isn’t it even scarier to think that people do good deeds just for incentives? Just to gather merits/go to heaven?

I am not sure but this thought scares me about religious people.

PS: I just heard from a friend that there is actually no reincarnation. oh well.


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  1. nice thought,sth to rebute those Christians….u love God coz he brings u to heaven
    u love God coz u want to believe that u r so great that u made ur creater sent his son down.

    how ego n selfish..whahaa

    Comment by delicia — January 9, 2008 @ 4:20 am

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