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December 15, 2007

The best friend’s wedding :)

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It took such a long time for me to get these pictures up! 🙂

But I did! And really, I had a greeeat time in Singapore, I almost didn’t want to leave!!!! 

Jinling became Mrs Tan. And I couldnt quite believe it yet. It was just like yesterday, we were in our BUM blue skirts, in the lecture theatre, talking about some hairy/smelly guy/girl. *oopps* ha.. 

For me, we are all still children, until we get married and finally “grow up”. So, looking at my friends all grown up. I can’t help but wonder… am I grown-up yet?

 Anyway, it was definitely the best wedding I’ve ever been to. Me like it!! Quite sad that I can’t be more involved in the wedding, as I am no longer working in Singapore. So I did not get to be jie-meis. But well, I was really happy to be there. And really. I appreciate this group of Uni friends, where we are all big-fat-fulltime CAMWHORES!!


Also, we talk about really stupid things when we are together. So I know I will be in for a whole night of laughter with this group:)

Oh, well. Time flies. You know, my dear sf14 people, we know each other for like.. 8 years already?!?!?!

Man…are we getting old or what?!?

Enjoy the pictures!!




I ❤ my grown-up friends! 😉


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  1. ur dress is fab!

    Comment by delicia — January 9, 2008 @ 4:31 am

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