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December 11, 2007

Globalisation: how prepared are we?

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Some random thoughts are going through my head while I am backing up my stuff for some migration thingy.

It was the first time I came face to face with the young affluent Thai.

 I remembered on the long flight back not long ago, I was chatting with this Irish Global Accounts Manager who was sitting beside me. He was returning from London.

He said: In the region, some of the people that are giving the Singaporeans a good run for their money are this group of foreignly-educated young Thais.

And you know. This group was exactly the group of people I was mixing with for the past 3 days.

In the group, we have 2 Mckinsey consultants (one indonesian, one thai), 1 fund manager whose fund managed to beat the Thai index by 13% points(!!), a Phd-er from Duke doing economics who will be lecturing this sem, the Princeton Review manager for Thailand, another consultant from some Boston consulting film, and a diplomat working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Most spoke English with an American slang. Most are from Ivy League universities.

Being among all these intelligent, well-educated Thais, I couldn’t help but wonder. Seriously, what do Singaporeans have, in order to face the challenges that will arise from globalisation?

How come it is that some Singaporeans are so full of themselves that they think that they are superior to the other SEA nations?

With parents like mine, who think that staying in Singapore is more than sufficient to ‘make it’. I will not be surprised at all, the majority of the population are still equally narrow-minded.

How many people are willing to step out of their comfort zone?

Out of these people who are stepping out of their comfort zone, how many of them are flexible enough to adapt into the global world?

Out of these flexible people, how many are capable enough to pull it off?

So what really is bothering me, my dear Singaporeans, is:

How well are we prepared for the future?



JJ: So, did you like SATC? hehe… A modelling stint now? ha, not very possible cos I love my food!


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  1. SATC’s pretty interesting… =)
    Going to post up any of your Yoga pics? =p

    Comment by JJ — December 12, 2007 @ 6:33 am

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