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December 2, 2007

Lazy Sunday

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Lazing finally on a Sunday’s morning. or is it Sunday’s afternoon already? 😛I have to drag my tired body to work later. And I already had a call from work. This guy wanted me to arrange a complimentary day trip for him. Gosh. the things I have to do.Oh, there is photography going on in the property. And the photographer approached me to be his model. To be exact. His yoga model. So I am supposed to be pretending to be doing Yoga while he photographs me. And I agreed to it. And now I wonder why. Perhaps it is because he is this big shot photographer (6 figure USD for his short stint with us) and I felt flattered.

Then I realised, I am not really ready for this at all!! my arms are still peeling from my recent harsh harsh winter stint. 😥

AND I did not manage to get my IPL done when I was back in Singapore.

THEN, I went 2 days straight with not much sleep just 1 day ago.

*reminds to self* puts moisturiser on arms for a quick fix. The photoshoot is in ..hmmm…. 2 hours?!?

Digressing. I realised that I can only feel at home watching SATC. Desperate housewives doesnt not work at all. These desperate women give me the creeps, and the only eye candy with clothes worth a second glance is Gabrielle. The other women are Disasters. With a capital ‘D’. Heros doesn’t work. I prefer to see no blood, no violence, no dark secrets/thoughts/plans in the shows that I am watching. ALTHOUGH, i can accept some whinings about PMS. haha.

I hope there will be more shows like this!!!! Pretty please, Mr and Mrs Producers!?!?!??!

I love shows with fashion. I adore the dresses in SATC!!! Those pretty little summer dresses in Season two. OMG! so pretty!

Then I realised that I missed my old life so much. I loved being able to buy dress that because I must MUST have that dress. I love having 101 dresses!!!oh soo sad. I have 2 more months to my 1/2year stint here in this country of a thousand smiles. and then, I think it will be another 3 more 1/2 years, and I will be back to my old frivilous life. 😉  (i think) I clicked through my old blog , and realised that, I led a frivilous life indeed. ha.

wow. suddenly I realised, I have survived a 1/3 year period here!! In a blink of an eye.

Anyway! Digressing again. I really need to be familiarized here. Now that my car is up and running.

I need to find pest control. I go depressed when I see lizard droppings in my house.:(

And… I need to brush up my driving skills. blah. ha.

I need to get out of bed soon. For lunch, then the photography session after, THEN I have to entertain dinner with this group of 25 agents.

I am torned. Not sure what should I have for lunch. I was thinking, caesar chicken salad + creamy mushroom pasta + a good old chocolate cake. OR should I have laksa?

Man…. I am hhhhuuuuungry!


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  1. So what’s next for u? a stint in the modeling industry? =p

    don’t overwork urself! =)

    P/S: finally gotten round to watching the SATC too. lol

    Comment by JJ — December 4, 2007 @ 2:21 am

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