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November 4, 2007

Comforting friends are the best!

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There is nothing more comforting and comfy than a peaceful night with the gals (+an odd guy) last Sunday.


And the good ‘ld comfort food. KFC!

(oh daffy, I put in the blurred picture, so that we dun look too bad! ahahah) You can click on the pictures to see the full sized ones.

2 of us are getting married. REALLY SOON!!

I am sooo excited for them!

Daf is not planning for a Hen’s nite. I am not sure about Juice. heh. maybe we can just have a girls nite out together. pampering/beautifying the brides-to-be?

Love you all lots lots!! you know that! Thanks for the bd treasure hunt!


After hanging/lazing at Chenwei’s housie, I met up with Delicious Delia for a simple drink as she stays really really near me!

img_2359.jpgMy bd gift from her…

is a stack of masks!

 apparently her gay friend only trust this mask or the SKII mask. so yup! yippee.:)

Glad to hear that peishan is putting in effort in terms of self improvement. and I am forever entertained by her ramblings on her bf, cause it reminds me of my fights and struggles with my mimi. We hung out till 1:40am or so. She had to pee. haa..

Havent been taking care of my skin at all!

For that matter, havent been putting on makeup too.

wow.. what is happening to me?

my friend, Chris, was so gaga over his new gal, saying that she is the girl-next-door. Sweet and cute. With no makeup and stuff.

Then I asked him, then what am I?

He said: Woman next door.

 I am like : ?!?!????? What is the definition?

He replied: Elegant, groomed and beautiful.

This is a far cry from what I am now, I thought.

I finished my moisturiser, and so I only have a layer of sun block on my face today.

No gal can be simpler than this!


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