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November 2, 2007

Identifying with Scrat

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Am damn f-king stressed now!!

Everything kept pouring down on me. And I thought of him:


Do you remember the scene where he was standing in the middle of this ice thing, and the water started to leak in. n he had to use his fingers, legs and everything possible to stop the leaking in so many different places?

Oh, nevermind if you can’t remember. but it is the scene which I can remember best. Can’t find a picture of that though.

ice-age-2-the-meltdown-poster-c12197621.jpgTo be honest, I really admire Scrat.

Yes you might think that all his antics are amusing. But if you are in a place, where you badly want something (in this case, an acorn), how hard are you prepared to fight for it?


Me, I am fighting so so so hard for this. YET, water and other obstacles keep on falling down on me.

 I am so disheartened. I think all these happening in one shot, can only be done by someone as powerful as God.

So why is God against me? I asked myself.


Is it because I am not a good person? Maybe god thinks that I am not working hard though? The effort that I put in is not enough?

So ok fine. If that is what god thinks. I will show him. That I really want my acorn.


Hence, I have resolved to coming to work at 6.30am. And I have been successful since I’ve made this decision.

I want to show my commitment.

I want to fight harder and harder.

I want to be like Scrat.


Just like Scrat.


If Scrat can do it.

So can I!



  1. know that it is not easy for u…sissy jia you ok! sistars power:)

    Comment by sissy — November 2, 2007 @ 1:54 pm

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