The girl who laughed too much, too loud

November 29, 2007


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If I were to die of work…

will you, my dear, wept for me?

I just completed my 24hours work. :'(….


November 28, 2007

My dreams/nightmares

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With all the wedding stuff going on in my life.

Big rocks fail to impress me anymore. First, I thought wn’s rock is big, cos ah-hao mentioned like it is some big deal that her rock is like $6k-7k?

 Then Jinling came along with a shocker, with a rock of more than twice the price of wn’s.

THEN recently. my very own sissy, all the way from home sweet home, is getting one twice the price of Jinling’s rock. (her whole proposal process is way more than twice of jinling’s, cos it comes with other perks like…. a lasik surgery? and other things)


So, back to my dream/nightmare.

So yesterday I had this dream. I woke up to find that one of the lenses of my spectacles melted (like glass melts, but whatever). it felt so plastically, and I could not possibility wear it.

 So I went for lasik straight away, cos the kind nurse at the lasik place allowed me to pay for it in 12 installments.

After I went for my lasik, my friends wanted to go sightseeing. (the same group that first visited me in krabi: sm, mel, kang, dd) They wanted to go to Lourve. while walking, some dust got into my eyes, which made me hurt so much, as I just had lasik.

And… I cant remember already!!! gosh.

But the night before, I watched Desperate Housewives before I slept.

 Man, that is NOT a show for me. It actually made me uneasy and gave me nightmares!!

i  dreamt that these trees, (that looked like pine trees) with thorns all over, were alive and running after me. and I woke up at the moment where this tree was at the brink of crushing me.

Me no like violent, grey, scheming shows.

November 27, 2007


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27 oct. In singapore 🙂

November 26, 2007


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(Should be backdated to 7 Oct 07) 

Is this very popular Thai Fast food chain.

But what they serve .. is not exactly fast food.img_2193.jpg

But I find it very pleasant to dine there.:)

img_2194.jpgEspecially with my favourite P.Kob!

Too bad, she has left me to work in another country..

This amusing restaurant has a silly little dance routine.


 Where all the staff has to perform.:)


Cute! Me like it!

November 24, 2007

Protected: Distracted

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