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October 23, 2007

Hmm… donuts!

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Today, yesterday and the day before. I grabbed a donut + something extra from the breakfast buffet, after morning briefing.:)

img_2288.jpgMy breakfast this morning.

V said that I eat my lunch too early. (I usually eat at 11am. Time and Tide AND Janine’s Hunger waits for no man. haha.) Hence I usually eat lunch alone, or with my dearest R, who is my fellow easily hungry companion.:) OR when I can convince B or A or even V that they are, in fact, hungry, despite them not feeling so. Yet.


ANW. Perhaps it’s me. After having breakfast this morning. Here I am, hungry again! Geez.

And unfortunately for me, I do not have high metabolism. 😥

PS: the irritating thing in Thailand is that: the ladies are separated into 2 categories: Fat and Skinny. There is no medium?!?!!?

And I was taking my measurements for my new uniform that day, Su was commenting that I put on weight already. grrr… (which in actual fact I DIDN’T!)

So I humoured her and pointed to my tummy. and she came and verified: No, you mai mee (don’t have) tummy. She then pointed at my thighs: here, I think you gained weight here.

I am like OMG. Fine.

My waist is trimmer now. at 2X inches. I still want to lose 1 or 2 more inches.

who measures their thighs anyway?!? any of you girls measure your thighs??!?


img_2266.jpg img_2268.jpgFruits at the night market

With Ko!


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