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October 22, 2007

MOD, I survived!

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The last weekend was a mad mix of stress and rushing around.

The hotel was in its high occupancy. For the first time since I am here. It is running almost full house.

And! unfortunately (or fortunately), I had to perform my first MOD (manager on duty) during this very busy weekend!! (both saturday and sunday). This means, I am in charge of the hotel for these 2 days.

As such, I had to carry the pager around and be on my toes 24hours for those days.

Wow, i must say, it is quite an experience. I had no idea what might happen, and this experience will stay with me for some time..:) (I was soooo stressed by this the day before and on the actual day!!)

And having dropped by phone on the floor, my time was about 20mins late. causing me to be late for the morning brief on Sunday. (the brief finished by the time I arrived, *cough*) Did not sleep well on Saturday, because of all the happenings going on. So I slept for 12 hours straight! (right after my duty yesterday night)

Since we are having high occupancy, one of our outlets are doing a buffet. 🙂

img_2275.jpgimg_2277.jpgimg_2279.jpgimg_2281.jpgimg_2282.jpgMe especially love the desserts!!:)

 img_2283.jpgI ate salmon sashimi. 🙂

And I thought of my days with Chenwei. There was this period that we had salmon almost every lunch!!

Food is always tastier with the right company, no? 😉


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