The girl who laughed too much, too loud

October 19, 2007


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Is sooo confusing for an old fart like me!


so many many applications!!! how? where?

So in the end, i did not really join any. just a few.

Today, an application made me laugh.=> Peeing on your friends!!! Apparently someone pee-ed on me. So I’ve got to pee on someone else. HA!

Pee on Your Friends

Gross, You smell like pee!

Revenge Factor: 2.7027027027027%

What the hell, peed on you!
You feel the need for revenge, and you have every right to do so!

It’ll make you feel better… Pee on your friends to satisfy your craving for revenge!
SO! for those of you who haven’t joined facebook.Join and add me!

so that I can pee on you. haha


Always, I found that there is lack of practicality in investing my time in the French language.

But apparently, there are so many French in this hospitality industry!:)

On top of the couple of French GMs that I met. Yesterday I met the big and mighty President of Ritz Carlton International!:)


And he wouldn’t have bothered to be so nice to me if I didn’t speak French.

And when the big boss is nice to you. All the other Mr big shots will suddenly be nice to you too! voila, the maths is very easy to understand.

 oh, I love you all francophiles in hospitality!!!

Grateful for having stayed in Paris suddenly.:)


The questioning shit is still happening today.



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