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October 14, 2007

Motherly love for the little ones

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Chicks. and chickens.

Only close friends will know how much I know these adorable yet irritating little things.

Yes, I used to live in the zoo. *cough* or rather. 2 little spoilt girls transformed their home into a zoo.

During our house’s high time. We had: 2 dogs (mixed and a pug), 3 tortoises, 3 hamsters + 6 baby hamsters, 12 chickens and like… 40 fishes? (not sure of the number, some in the fountain, some in tank 1, tank 2, tank 3) Gosh, I hope this doesnt make me and sissy sound too Paris hilton. (erhm..i think we have a little white mouse somewhere too. right, sissy?) ha.

But yup.

one thing did not happen though. we wanted our chicks to become chickens AND then lay eggs and have little chicks again.

 But somehow, our chicks seem to be more interested in bullying our dogs, but pecking the tails of the dogs and scramble away. Another of their favourite past time is to peck on the styrofoam thingies supporting our fish tanks.

So, no eggs. no chicks.

Somehow. I do not really like to see chicks all alone in large farms. without their mothers.

Sometimes, we forgot. How much we need our mothers. Sometimes, some mothers forgot how much their children need them. People see these chicks as cute. but somehow, something is missing.

And I saw that from my neighbour’s chickens.


Mother hen and little chicks. 


out of focus


There is something so real about them.

That warms my heart. *smiles*

Plus! the chicks are sooooo adorable!!!


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