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October 12, 2007

The type of nights that i like

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Monday, I dropped my work and entertained with one of our top 10 wholesalers.

 A man that I actually love and respect. He is like a God father to me. So it really doesnt matter to me if I had to get up at 5am the next day to work.

He is an expert of the good food in here. And reprimanded me on bringing my sister and friends to Wangsai seafood. lol (sorry sis! but my local colleagues loved that place!!) To think of it, I am even more sorry to Peikang, Mel, Sm and DD. They came when I did not even see area at all!! And they had to eat horrible food. Once. And for the rest of the food, my assistant recommended them were fine. Also, we discovered some on our own! And next groups that visited had a better life, eating at my hotel.(Chenwei & Yh and Lewis & Rizhu) 🙂

So I will pay more attention to his wisdom on food. and jott down where to go! I must say, I am more knowledgeable about food after each time I go out with him!


 This very nice zhu chao place, near Crystal hotel. Will bring my next visitors there!! Oh, also I know now this other place is beside the jetty with the freshest seafood.

After dinner, we went for site inspection – Work again! (my current fav activity – touring hotels)

I visited 3 properties.


I went back feeling contented.

I like talking to my god father! I feel that I’ve learnt so many things from him.

Besides, who else can come to this country with only 200ringgit, and make it big like him? with 5-10 properties and all.


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