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September 19, 2007

Which Car?

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At first, I was focussed to buy the cheapest car that I can find.

 So I decided to get the car from my company’s chef who is migrating to Canada.

Then so many people came along to tell me not to get that car. saying that I should pay more to get a newer one. cos that one is really an old car.

Actually I am not concerned about the age of the car. It is just that that car is so huge… that I am frankly quite freaked out to park it. *cough* remember my problems with parking?

And the parking lot is just beside my GM’s sparkling BMW.


BUT still. it is the cheapest car. (50% cheaper than cars of the next category).

Hopefully i can sell it off easily when I leave.

Don’t know why some people are saying that it is hard to sell. and others are saying that it is easy to sell and not lose any $$.

I am so confused. but i think. eventually I will be happy. cos this car only cost about 2 months of my salary. and after that I am free of this burden!! Unlike those cars that I need to pay 3-4 months of my salary.

I need to be free asap!!


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