The girl who laughed too much, too loud

September 18, 2007

You are nobody, until you are with somebody

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hmm.. so what if you are with a nobody? doesn’t it make you a couple of nobodies?? ha

Just kidding. That’s beside the point.

 This one woman managed to make me feel this strange emotion that I’ve never felt before.

It’s a mix of everything. She said: oh you know, I don’t need to work so hard, because I am taken already. during my conference call with her.

 I indignantly said: well, I am taken too. so let’s get back to work.

Then she laughed. Like mocking how naive I am. She meant that I am stupid to think that my other half wants to marry me, when he did not even propose.

I was so …URGH. I felt so misunderstood. But I know that any arguements on this will make me look more like a loser => women who are with men who actually do not want to marry them, but yet these women chose to think that they have a future together.

But with me and my bear, we talk about kids and all. and marriage and the future. Doesn’t it mean something?

So anyway, I spoke to bear about it.

And I was told to send a list of rings that I like. 🙂


I hate women who put other women down just because they are not ‘TAKEN’.

 What nonsense. Woman, you are still nobody, with or without somebody. Just coz you need somebody to make you somebody. (does it sound confusing enough??)

Talk about feminism.


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