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September 6, 2007

Volunteer work :'(

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Yesterday, I lost control of my emotions.

 I teared when my friends are leaving.

Really I have to thank god for giving me friends like this. Where to find, such lovely friends?

 My friends came for their holiday. and in the end, they helped me with my very-kampong house. It was almost like those kind of volunteer trips where people do voluntary work in 3rd world countries ==> my place. ha.

I so have to post the before & after pictures here!!

 Really, thanks people. I wouldn’t have done it without you!!! I miss you all sooo much!


Feeling a mixture of touched(the things that my friends do for me), sad (I will be away from the nicest friends in the world due to work), lost(alone in this foreign land), scared(for the road ahead of me).


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