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September 28, 2007

Protected: My Yeh yeh

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September 26, 2007

Brownie points and minus points

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I feel quite stressed. Correction. Very stressed in my work now.

Sometimes I am able to score big points. then comes along the minus points. ūüė•

I get really down when the minus points come. Like just now.

I made to stupid mistake of setting the wrong currency.

Can you imagine the price difference?!?!?

(and before this grave mistake, I was so happy with the presentation on Monday). 

All these keeping track of my plus and minus points are giving me a big headache right now. (just finished a call from Singapore head office)

Let me reach for my panadol…

September 22, 2007

Work meals

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The kind of meal that I order to my office.

 Not a sandwich person, but it much easier to handle.

Gosh, first my mascara-ed curled lashes went. next will be¬†my lovely (ha) long hair. then my need for satisfying meals. (actually, there were even more personal things that i omit now. but… *blush* too paiseh to say)

All sacrificed in name of … my career.

So dear career, u’d better do me good!!


¬†Zuj: good job at freaking me out about the cockroach!! i think.. i will eliminate all edible things in my house. OR i will put everything in an airtight container… the ants here are atrocious too!

September 21, 2007

Heartless people

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Now I think I know.

 Heartless people are actually people who used to feel for things, and then their feelings were cheated one too many times.

 I got cheated by this today:

Totally despise those people who cheats people’s goodwill for personal gain, i.e. amusement, $$ etc. (like those fake charitable organisations etc)

September 20, 2007

Mysterious mystery

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The day before, I got home and saw this little roach in my living room.

The first that I saw. In my house that is.

I mustered up courage and sprayed it with baygon. and the next morning, I saw it, overturned. supposedly dead. But its feelers seem to be moving.

 So I left it, and went to work.

When I got home at night (yesterday night), it is gone!?!? without a trace?!?!


What happened?

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