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August 30, 2007

Protected: Testing:) & replies!

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I am in a place where work consumes almost 100% of my life.

 Almost every meal is a ‘Fake’ meal. I just came back from a funch (fake-lunch) aka business lunches where you eat with an agenda, for a purpose.

 Usually before these meals, I will dread going to entertain business partners. But during the meals, I find that I can eventually enjoy myself. Ha. I must be the make-talk queen that Chenwei always says that I am. Thanks to my rapport building skills, I am still surviving.

 My waistline, on the other hand, isn’t going too well at all! The same goes for my cholestrol. The first week I was here, I ate lobster 4 nights in a row. Ha. oops.

 Steak. Foie gras. Creme brulee. etc….

 But now I am much better already. My funch of today was Thai-style fish. 🙂

 The doctor says fish is good for my cholestrol level.

Am TRYING my best to get out of my finner (fake-dinner) today (and the finner tomorrow as well)!!! I love that lady for today’s finner (and do not like the group for tmr night’s dinner), but I need some free time to clean my house to welcome my esteemed guests this weekend!!!! So excited!!! My cupcakes are arriving this weekend:)

Update: Boo!! Can’t get out of my dinner. The boss (aka the GM, yes unfortunately, I report directly to him) asked me to go eat with him and this business partner.  No time to clean my room and move out!!!ARGH! WHEN CAN I EVER MOVE OUT?!?! Finner also means that I have to clear my work AFTER dinner. Boohoohoo. Another late night awaits….


Yingli: the answer is in the protected post!:) and good luck for ur exams!!! *hugs*

Seraphina: *blush* dun be so direct.. I am shy.. *blush* hehe. Actually I am feeling rather ugly with short hair, so thanks for ur compliments!!

PSN: haha.. smart girl! But no, I really cut my hair lar.. miss ya lots lots too!!!

August 28, 2007

Nitey to all~

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Busy busy busy.

 Working til now. peeps, will love to blog more about my life (sorry, dearest tammy!!). BUT.

 Just in case unpleasant people are lurking around, I decided not to be all big and open about my life. I mean, I love you all. And I love to share my life and thoughts with all of you.

But the thought of someone unpleasant reading my blog (you can save the effort to send me an email this time), … it is disgusting. almost like… rape. yes, blog rape.


ANW!!! I know i know, writing a blog means displaying your thoughts to the public. BUT, not every girl, who is dressed sluttily, wants to sleep with you. Not every fish, that looks delicious, want to be devoured. yah?

 ha. oh man. what rubbish am I talking about?!?!?!

Must be working too hard. yesyes, 7 days!!!! OMG!


August 21, 2007

Pleasant surprises~

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Flowers from my girls~~ 🙂

And this is Rara, the most popular employee of all! She swims daily with the people:)



August 19, 2007

My new habitat!

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Oh, forgot to tell you peeps. I’ve cut my hair short. Reason being, I REALLY have no time to take care of my hair!!!! Gosh! *sobs* oh well. no choice. To save time, the hair has to go. That is how busy I am!

Now I look even younger. *duh* oh well.

What do u think? 

To Mel:
Thanks mel! *hugs*
I’ve already emailed u everything le I think! Can’t wait to see u all! Ha.

To zuj:
Yupyup. quite fast. No time to say a proper goodbye to most of my dearest friends!!!!
For now work is overwhelming. But should settle soon… I hope! How’s your work progressing???

To yingli: somewhere in beside a beautiful beach:) ha. how are you????

Will keep blogging whenever I can. You blog too k? 🙂

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