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June 5, 2007

Finally started breathing normally..

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Finally started breathing normally…now.

Lots and lots of stress and jitters for today. AND it was all for nothing!

I thought today will be a life changing day. But sadly, it is not 😐

Just a little disappointed from all the anticipation built up from the weekend.

All amounts to nothing. At least for now.

It’s like, someone called to say that he is offering a Secret Recipes Banana Chocolate Cake to you, and finally you waited and waited and EVEN put in the efforts to diet so that you can eat the whole cake comfortably? Then finally when the time came, he came and gave you a …hmm… registration form, that you have to sign before the cake can be delivered to you NEXT WEEK!

Can you feel my agony????

No, you can’t??

Well, this only means that the Secret Recipes Banana Chocolate Cake is not important to you.. but wait, this is not possible. So the only possibility is because you haven’t taste this heavenly cake. ha:P

Anyway the above-illustrated scenario is 101% hypothetical.=P

The next wave of excitement should be next week!

YEAH! go go GO for my bright future!=)


oh, recently everything has been great. In fact so great, that I am feeling so xin fu and taken care of that I went to thank the gods yesterday with chenwei. ( you must be thinking that I am bonkers, cause I was going through a rough patch recently. But you see, the things got resolved quickly and amazingly. which made me very happy. In fact I am in a better position I am now, than I was a month ago before the storm!=))

ohoh, brought the lads to dinner last wednesday (very grateful to have you boys in my life)! =) and watched Shrek 3, which was incredibly cooool!!! Very very entertaining. Hope these boys enjoyed themselves! I sure did. =)

Saturday, I braved the weekend crowd and went to the PC fair with Chris the guru. ha. Fortunately he’s with me, if not, I will be so damn lost! But didn’t get anything though. ha. vvv tempted, but in the meantime, I need to do some capital replenishment works. ha.

Oh, also. I’ve splurged on *drums roll* Topshop! I can’t believe it. I was actually supposed to splurge in July. But .. but… you know.. the designs are such darlings. And if I don’t get them, they will be haunting me day and night! HA. very drama mama indeed!:P

BUT! I have dearest VC as my dearest friend, SO I happily had minus 20%=)

SO happy!!=) I so need to control myself, as I’ve made a vv big financial commitment last month. (I wore my new top to the PC fair!=))

ANYWAY! I want to thank you all. Dearest friends. What will I be without you? *hugs*


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