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June 30, 2007

Darwin part 2

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Pictures only:)


June 23, 2007

Australia part 1

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Well well,

decided to give you all less stressful stuff to feast your eyes on!:)

Part one of my aussi photos! There are alot of them and i am too tired to sort them out though.


Managing stress level

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Recently the stress level has been really high in me.

Since May. ha. Then it went down when I went for that superb trip.:)

THEN. It went up sky high this week!

Hence the last of posts. I am really managing, doing my best, handling my stress level.

Headache is so immense.

I feel that I am no longer in control of my emotions.

I experienced PMS for the first time since….. my university days. This one time, where I just sat in my hostel room and cried. Emotions were all over the place, and tears fall uncontrollably.

I experienced self doubt. And I am really so surprised why others have so much confidence in me.

But ha. peeps, I made it.

On the cool side! Just one more month of hard work, and I will reach my goal! (short term goal that is!)

Oh, did I mention? I will be relocating soon.

Yeah. Again!

(sorry daffy, too stressed to update you with anything yesterday!)

June 19, 2007

Why we shouldn’t have kids

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Last Sunday, we went to Waraku to celebrate Sissy’s first class honours. Oh, she’s also going to address the convocating students too! So anyone has a video camera I can borrow????



We love the chawamushi there!! It’s with Unagi!=)

The branch at east coast was supposed to be nice and peaceful.

But alas. It wasn’t quite so on Sunday afternoons, when the monsters come out to play!


The whole place was a big mess with kids RUNNING EVERYWHERE. AND! Noises from their toys.. u know.. those irritating sharp tunes from their miserable electronic toys!


The girl behind us has a toy gun that makes explosion and many other noises. and she chose to play with the gun non-stop. My family could barely speak to one another!


And so.

This is why we shouldn’t have kids.

I rest my case.

June 17, 2007

Happy father’s day…

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Father’s day came and went.

And we never really celebrated. Though we had a long long family meeting today.


My dad was like packing (yup! he is in singapore), (and yes, packing never ends in my house! We’d really have to buck up.)

As I was saying… Dad was packing, and he found this!


Gosh it should be around 18 years old…
Ha. Yah yah. not very pretty. But hey! Dad is a big fan of stamps. So I’d use the right tools!:P


Happy father’s day… Challenges ahead.. and we will take them on, as a family, as one.

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