The girl who laughed too much, too loud

May 25, 2007


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Worked til 2am yesterday too. (which is not a lot, considering that I got home around 11pm after the long long pirates show, WHICH I kind of catch no ball about, cause I missed part 2, I think.)

Did not feel grumpy or whatsoever with the work. In fact, I am pretty much merrily happy working!=) *smiles*

This is when work becomes play I guess! (though I cant say much for my ‘proper’ work!) 😛

Then I realised my dearest skin is suffering. My pores are enlarging. 😦 I look paler. I wear glasses out almost everday now! (since weeks ago for the glasses)

Really quite tired. SO, as much as I am having so much fun working. I think I need a balance now.

After this weekend, I will aim to sleep early again! at 11pm.

AND I want to start swimming and all again. (I haven’t swam in.. 3 weeks?)

I want to be radiant again!!! yup!

PS: Oh, I weighed myself this morning and yippee, I’ve lost weight. So 2 more kg to my ideal weight yup!!=) working hard = weight loss, apparently. I don’t even need to try!=)

Oh also! Aloy’s friend’s gf thought that I was a student yesterday! hhahahhaa.. she asked if I’ve started working. LOL. really. Thanks for the compliment!=)


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