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May 30, 2007

Cuteness overdose

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Let me present to all of you, this BIG dosage of absolute cuteness for Vesak day holiday!=)

Taken at my colleague’s house warming the weekend before. Sabrina’s daughter is so freagging cute! (You do remember that baby at the hospital? yup, it is she!=))

Cute things always attract attention yah. Especially kids!


May 29, 2007

Charlie’s Surprise Birthday Party

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Was so super busy. And tired from the organising. BUT! It’s totally worthed it to see dearest Lianshu’s happiness.=) It was the last weekend.

Glad that everything went smoothly. Glad that Lianshu is so touched n happy! AND surprised=)

I love my friends!

Very happy indeed.

*prays* I hope we can celebrate Lianshu’s birthday next year. The year after. And the year after. And many many years to come…

Happy and radiant again

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Happy and radiant again

(i think)

and I happily put back on all the weight I’ve lost! &*#($@%(#%^*$ grrrrr…

No good.=(

Taking things easier now=) Decided to re-adjust my perfectionist mentality. So that I am able to live.

Ha. oh well=)

HAPPY! Some happy things happened.=)


May 25, 2007


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Worked til 2am yesterday too. (which is not a lot, considering that I got home around 11pm after the long long pirates show, WHICH I kind of catch no ball about, cause I missed part 2, I think.)

Did not feel grumpy or whatsoever with the work. In fact, I am pretty much merrily happy working!=) *smiles*

This is when work becomes play I guess! (though I cant say much for my ‘proper’ work!) 😛

Then I realised my dearest skin is suffering. My pores are enlarging. 😦 I look paler. I wear glasses out almost everday now! (since weeks ago for the glasses)

Really quite tired. SO, as much as I am having so much fun working. I think I need a balance now.

After this weekend, I will aim to sleep early again! at 11pm.

AND I want to start swimming and all again. (I haven’t swam in.. 3 weeks?)

I want to be radiant again!!! yup!

PS: Oh, I weighed myself this morning and yippee, I’ve lost weight. So 2 more kg to my ideal weight yup!!=) working hard = weight loss, apparently. I don’t even need to try!=)

Oh also! Aloy’s friend’s gf thought that I was a student yesterday! hhahahhaa.. she asked if I’ve started working. LOL. really. Thanks for the compliment!=)

May 24, 2007

Too Tired!

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You know peeps, I want to blog but I am too tired too! so.. yup.

And it’s usually during times like this, that there are lotsa things going on in my life, around me.

And I love documenting things and reading my old blog posts=)

But for now, I am too darn tired. Worked til 2+am yesterday=) Quite proud of myself.

So today dearest Aloy decided to take me out for the premier screening of Pirates of the Carribean show.

Didn’t want to go at first (cos I want to work! GOSh look look, I’ve became such a workaholic!)

But who’s to resist an invitation to the premier of a great movie? ~_*

*hugs peeps* and take care to all~

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