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April 25, 2007

Some updates!

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Haven’t been posting any pictures or anything recently.

One reason is that I have been working a lot. Another is, my camera is with SISSY!! grrr.. The woman took the camera with her, I reckon she has 2 cameras with her now.

ANW! so I have only my very lousy camera phone.=(

The weekend before last, I went KTV-ing with vera, xf, yvonne, david til..hmm.. 2.30 or 3.30am I think! Which is quite early, considering our past records!=P


When I got home, I was like wondering should I head straight to bed or should I clear some work? Since sis is still working. I decided to work. So I worked til about 6am… that was til my eyelids are practically closing on their own. So I had to sleep. yup. Nevertheless, very proud of myself.

blah blah blah. Oh! I’ve started to give my little cousin guitar lessons. Yes, I know I can’t really afford the time, but I can understand what she is feeling. so … I striked a deal, to make her help me do stuff, and in return, she will have guitar lessons from me=)

Last weekend, I worked the whole of saturday. Til I was feeling.. a little down. Yup, you remembered the chest pains that I had. It is due to this thing that was due yesterday. But all is well. I managed to get it done.

Really, too much stress is no good. I finally understand, and can empathize that the people who complain about stress ain’t just wusses=P (I used to believe that I survive best under stress, but apparently too much is not good!)


I had a fun fun dinner with my university mates!=) They are an extremely funny bunch. Really enjoyed their company. ha.

Dessert for me, is the fruit crepes! Seriously, I dun like to pay so much for crepes anymore, since I know how to make them=P hahah.. *reminds self* to throw a crepe party some time. (I still have like… a french cusine party, an apperitif party, a chocolate fondue party, a sushi party, a thai party, a pie and puffs party…etc etc to throw gosh!) oh, AND I want to buy THAT bread maker, cos I want to make bread!!

Oh well, all I can do now is to visit Tommy’s blog and drool at the food she makes!! *drools~*

Oh, also there was this mango fashion show..

I wanted to wear the skirt with attached overalls. But I’ve decided against it. It wasnt very comfortable. ha. would still want to wear it someday though!!

So I wore my fav very comfy polka-dotted shirt dress with slacks.=)

yeah yeah. not very mango spring/summer 2007 but still. comfy. (ok, i must admit I felt very last season)

But who cares!! Chenwei was looking great with her mango SS’07 dress=)

I did managed to fall in love with some lovely dresses!! But I did not stay til the end. oh ,well. that I shall elaborate on the next post!=)

tata, my cupcakes~ *HUGS*


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