The girl who laughed too much, too loud

April 8, 2007

Family stress

Filed under: thoughts — elyseeteo @ 2:50 am

I wonder why the place where we should feel at home.

The place where we seek shelter from the storms outside.

Where we run to, and hide.

The place where we belong.

Why can this place be a stressful place for me?

Other than the normal days’ stressfulness. From some hot tempered people. and stubborn incoherence.

The stress comes from other parts too. A part that we did not EVEN need to worry about in the first place. It shouldn’t even play a part in my stress/sorrows.

Why why why.

Why do people hold on so strongly to things that they do not even need? Why am I made to part with things that I need so badly just for some people’s amusement?

Why can’t I get the things I want anymore?

Why do I feel this way? Is it because I am too used to getting my way all the time?

No. This is not so. I am always compromising to the folks.

So. why now?

Ha. sorry about the incoherent post my dears.

My head is hurting so badly that it is threatening to break.


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