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April 30, 2007

A little room improvement

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So after so long of being occupied with other things.

I’ve decided to do some packing this weekend:)

(Ha, not on purpose! cause I had to find this thing!! HAHAH)

okok. It’s no secret that I am not a big fan of packing. But I really need to get everything packed! huff!!

(Plus dad is coming back end of May, and I really don’t want to face the music)

So, I bought this thing to arrange my earrings! ( wanted to use this thing that vera gave me, from Topshop visual arts. But it can’t fit studd or necklaces.)


I don’t have a lot of earrings though! ha.

But I bought the biggest earring display. and I realised that the necklaces can fit in the middle portion=)

And oh, I love my My Melody dustbin!=) It is just one of the many cutsy dustbins I have. OOPS! ha.

I used to be a fanatic collector of Sanrio. *blush*


April 25, 2007

Some updates!

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Haven’t been posting any pictures or anything recently.

One reason is that I have been working a lot. Another is, my camera is with SISSY!! grrr.. The woman took the camera with her, I reckon she has 2 cameras with her now.

ANW! so I have only my very lousy camera phone.=(

The weekend before last, I went KTV-ing with vera, xf, yvonne, david til..hmm.. 2.30 or 3.30am I think! Which is quite early, considering our past records!=P


When I got home, I was like wondering should I head straight to bed or should I clear some work? Since sis is still working. I decided to work. So I worked til about 6am… that was til my eyelids are practically closing on their own. So I had to sleep. yup. Nevertheless, very proud of myself.

blah blah blah. Oh! I’ve started to give my little cousin guitar lessons. Yes, I know I can’t really afford the time, but I can understand what she is feeling. so … I striked a deal, to make her help me do stuff, and in return, she will have guitar lessons from me=)

Last weekend, I worked the whole of saturday. Til I was feeling.. a little down. Yup, you remembered the chest pains that I had. It is due to this thing that was due yesterday. But all is well. I managed to get it done.

Really, too much stress is no good. I finally understand, and can empathize that the people who complain about stress ain’t just wusses=P (I used to believe that I survive best under stress, but apparently too much is not good!)


I had a fun fun dinner with my university mates!=) They are an extremely funny bunch. Really enjoyed their company. ha.

Dessert for me, is the fruit crepes! Seriously, I dun like to pay so much for crepes anymore, since I know how to make them=P hahah.. *reminds self* to throw a crepe party some time. (I still have like… a french cusine party, an apperitif party, a chocolate fondue party, a sushi party, a thai party, a pie and puffs party…etc etc to throw gosh!) oh, AND I want to buy THAT bread maker, cos I want to make bread!!

Oh well, all I can do now is to visit Tommy’s blog and drool at the food she makes!! *drools~*

Oh, also there was this mango fashion show..

I wanted to wear the skirt with attached overalls. But I’ve decided against it. It wasnt very comfortable. ha. would still want to wear it someday though!!

So I wore my fav very comfy polka-dotted shirt dress with slacks.=)

yeah yeah. not very mango spring/summer 2007 but still. comfy. (ok, i must admit I felt very last season)

But who cares!! Chenwei was looking great with her mango SS’07 dress=)

I did managed to fall in love with some lovely dresses!! But I did not stay til the end. oh ,well. that I shall elaborate on the next post!=)

tata, my cupcakes~ *HUGS*

April 19, 2007

Taxi drivers

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Well, I’ve been cabbing a lot again these day.

On the tab of my company, of course!



Taxi drivers are almost always ready with lots and lots of tales to tell.

A funny and awefully creative one is:

What’s the new definition of PAP? (the old one being: Pay and pay)

…any clues?

Ans: Poor Also Pay!

ha. 😉

I can’t say that I was that amused when this one started to read the papers when waiting for the traffic light!


April 18, 2007

And I am entertained!

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There’s apparently nothing as amusing as Jevon’s blog. Ha.

(ok, it’s only true for this moment)

Anyway, he posted this video on his blog.

With the proof that, of course, Americans are not stupid.

Americans are NOT stupid – WITH SUBTITLE
Uploaded by antoinetheone

Strangely, a lot of people want to attack this island that looks like Australia.

Also. A lot of french did comment on this video, slamming the Americans for being stupid.

But really. Here’s a conversation that actually happened:

French guy: ‘Where are you from?’
Me: ‘Singapore’
French guy: ‘That’s in Japan?’
Me: ‘No’
FG:’In China’
Me: No
Me: No
FG: Is it Hong kong?

I didn’t bother anymore.

Ignorant people are all around.

But the amusing thing is that these people do not know about the things that affect their very own nation.

Apparently, USA is the centre of the world.=P

Roast duck

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From Dian xiao er.



I had no idea why we were so amused with this.

ha. but it works well! the duck is always delicious=)

Are you hungry yet?=P

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