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March 19, 2007

Thoughts of the future…

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Still thinking and pondering about my future.

Well, at least my career segment of my life is very clear now. It has never been so clear!=) This is the fruit of meditating in my toilet (=P, disgusting yah. hehe.. but HEY! it has an unblocked view! PLUS a view of the sea=)) AND trashing it out with sissy.

I have decided to do an MBA instead of an MIH. Reason being, I will be more flexible in the future. yup!

That is for the future.

For relationships. ha. we shall see!

What else…

I wonder anyone of you are great in minesweeper???=P

Since I have beaten the minesweeper king in minesweeper a couple of times. HAHAHA. oops. (she is so going to throw her crown at me!)

I welcome new challengers!!=)

Please make sure you are better than the minesweeper king, before challenging me.

I hate to trash people, and stampede on egos.=) And I hate to win effortlessly.

See? I am sugar and spice and everything nice!


yesyes, sis and I had a great bonding time playing minesweeper over msn!=)

sissy & I fought hard!!=)

oh, one backdated one. on CNY 2007.

Ha. my sis was saying something like:
Can’t believe we are counting down in niu che shui can?!

And people around were busily whipping out their handphones to take a video/picture. Me included!


How Singaporean I am!


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