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March 9, 2007

The intellectually challenged gender=P

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A guy friend sent us this:

Cute right? and funny.

A more funny thing is that, it may seem like a good joke, and that men are actually smart to use post-its like this.

But it also reflects how…er… intellectually challenged our more masculine counterparts are!

Firstly, they can’t remember a name. Right. It is sooo difficult. even if you have different sex partners, it shouldn’t be all that difficult, unless of course, you have a memory of a 5.25inch floppy disk (or less!).

Secondly, they are not smart enough to improvise. Yes yes. Names do not matter, especially when what you have in mind is just to score. So yes, why waste your brain cells to remember her name? Just conveniently give her a generic, cute nickname. Yes darling, you know I love you. Right, my sweetie pie?;)

Thirdly, my dear cupcakes, is obviously the fact that the girl will KNOW that you’ve pasted a post-it on her.

My gosh.

writing her name on the back of your hand is even smarter. AND cuter! She might think that you are really into her!

Makes me wonder is this why more men are switching to MACs?

I LUUUURVE this post lots! I so agree with him.

Well, at least some company is willing to lower themselves to aid the intellectually challenged.;)


My honeybun (which is YOU, by the way!) do realise that I am joking, or is that too big a challenge for you?:P


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