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March 6, 2007

Did you take health for granted?

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I wonder how many of you take health for granted?

Going on with your day to day life eating junk food, not paying attention to the nutritional values.

How many of you actually bother to exercise regularly?

My friend. Charlie (his nickname from the charlie’s angels’ story from the previous post) is one of those healthy healthy people.

Yet. Cancer could come to him.

Each time I asked him how he is doing. Each time he would say, he is becoming better and better.

And looking at him, after his operation. I wonder, how much better can he be? or how much better is he going to be?

My heart aches everytime I see him putting on a false front. And I got reminded of my late grandma who died of cancer.

I remembered each and every moment she suffered before she died.

Cancer is slowing eating her from inside.

I can’t go on anymore.

Take care of yourselves dear friends.


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