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March 2, 2007

Low crime doesn’t mean no crime!

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Hmmm… where do I start?

So. Tuesday, someone sneaked into my office and stole 2 latops, including mine! grr..

All of us were shocked. None experienced this before.

Is our dearest homeland as safe as before? I doubt so, especially there are so many foreigners around (no offence!).

oh well. I am not affected AFFECTED, as the labtop is not mine. But yup, major boohoo for losing my precious data!

I can’t believe that I actually witnessed the fingerprint dusting etc, I can’t say that it ain’t fun! 😛

Yup, what else…

My biggest nightmare (for now) has left the country on Tuesday. Haiz. I really don’t mean to label this one my nightmare, but really I now actually look forward to going home. My peaceful, lovely house. Though still very messy! But I still love it! and I am still packing it, a little by a little=) I prefer to do things at my own pace. I hate people to rush me and force me, and hence stressing me out.

Really I hate to be stressed.

One more thing. Dearest Charlie went into the hospital. =( (if you remember he’s our charlie, and his angels include me, chenwei, daffy, julia)

Yup, we were quite worried for him. The road ahead of him is long and difficult.


God bless him.

And you all here, take good care about yourselves.

Oh, and stay viligant!

Low crime doesn’t mean no crime!
Oh, no pictures for the moment, cos all are stored in my laptop!!


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